Saturday, October 8, 2011


 All things get cut short. A phone call you desperately want to have is interrupted. A meeting you wished last forever was just a passing greeting. A moment for deep breathing is cut short by activity and the heaving of the moment. Each day there are strings being pulled forward and back in the spaces inside my mind. The thoughts are constantly cascading above and below one and other. I try to keep my stays short. I do slip and crave the extended moment. The fuller caress. The dream tongue to lick back my wounds and set me free. Each day is full of activity and things to do that must be done here, there and everywhere.
  I try and keep the pace. I take the short quick step down the street. The short breathing exercise. The short kiss. The body want to lay out and stretch itself into daydreams of absence and totality. I'm still moving now. I let my fingers hit the keystrokes with a short quick step here, there and everywhere. I am still moving now. Dressing for another night out of body and into bassline. The dance will silence the mind. It's focus as lost as I am in the rhythm. The strobe lights will spread the pathway out and all I have to do is release myself fully. To be carried and caressed by the fullness of music and the quick step through experience.

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