Friday, October 7, 2011

::Moon Day 11::

  An opening was made today. The day moved forward as it does. Begins with the early morning haze that breaks into the afternoon's activity. I spend my days walking. It is my profession. As I moved down streets and corners of being a newness struck me like a rattlesnake bite. The posture raises, the head tilts upward and I move my eyes to meet the world. I smiled at everyone that smiled at me. Stopped to say hello to some neighborhood passers and moved up further. I extend my spine fully and reach my hands out of the space I am in: this loving space transformed by moon magic
   I spend my day falling in love with the world. The world I know closely, the world I barely know, and the world I may never even meet are were all my closest loves. I make time for surface changes. I make the moves through the coils of the telephone, through leading a movement, through not compromising. I let myself soak in the smells and laughter of others. I let their voices and personalities become part of my daily meditation. I find the time to really be myself. I use new energy to be inspired by. I eat little because I am so full. Full of hope and silver moods.
   I will spend the night just as active. Inviting the world to come dance with me. To meet me somewhere between the beat and the bassline and let everything else fall away. Tonight you will be with me. You will be on my arm. You will be the love of my life if only for a moment. The world and you can have all 32 flavors tomorrow. Tonight you are all mine to love without restraint or pressure or past. There is only one now. This is only one night. I invite you to strip everything away and be in this loving space with me made by the moon's magic tonight.

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