Sunday, October 2, 2011


  It takes knowing that making big change starts with the smallest things: making your bed everyday so you don't get tempted to lay back in it. Eating your meals to keep your brain and body fuel going. Making a concerted effort to breath. Clearing your space. Setting basic daily objectives and tasks to complete, making the grocery list if you will. Somewhere between getting light bulbs and buying fruit you put saving money and getting new backdrops for the photo shoots you want to do in the next month. You put the big ideas between the small things you have to do to keep them fresh and yourself out of the dream closet. Dreams are one the greatest mind gifts and tricks we have.
  You move through them in waves, and inside them anything and everything is possible. You watch yourself accomplish so much in the blink of an eye and it does satisfy. But you put your hand inside your pocket and on your grocery list it says: wake up and get the dog's food. Turn left and put money in the bank. Stretch your arms up and get to work. You have to be able to afford the cellphone bill and the food you like to eat. I live for my dreams, but I'd like to expand on my grocery list.
  I'd like to find ways to make those little everyday things as extraordinary as the big dreams I have. If I can make the everyday more extraordinary, then when the not so everyday comes rolling in; when the unusual, or fortuitous come knocking just imagine how that would feel. On days like Sunday when the general pace is slow, lazy, restful. Where it's time to do laundry, and pull in as much calm as we can before the week starts again I am looking at the everyday as a place for extraordinary things to happen in the smallest of ways doing the smallest of things.

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