Saturday, October 1, 2011

::The Promises::

* Be single and celibate for 3 months
* Do what's uncomfortable but necessary
* Stick to pursuits
* Finish Projects
* Wear more red
* Read more
* Focus on writing
* Post love songs
* Devote some of my time to making time with "YOU"
* Call(not text) at least one friend a day
* Compliment someone or something at least once a day
* Make space for the new while honoring the old
* Walk the talk
* Tell "YOU" something honest and different everyday
* Love! Even if it's foolish and amounts to being on my own in the end, love anyway. Do it grandly and openly.
*Change my view on the value of money
*Tell "YOU" that I love you everyday
*Be vulnerable and exposed when it's called for
*Support the people in my life as much as I can
*Find something to be inspired by everyday
*Dream, think and act BIG
*Cultivate stronger associations

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