Monday, October 3, 2011

::Serenity Days::

  For the past month(and that's a literal 4 weeks) I've made Mondays my serenity day. I take everything nice a slow. Don't rush to work, don't rush on the street and basically let everything be as eased as possible. Of course, every Monday this month has proved challenging to say the least. From broken hearted moments, to conversational conflicts, to having payroll checks bounce and going into the red with the bank account(to point out a few unfavorables) I still try to make my Mondays less manic and more fluid. I let all those divisionary lines get blurry and less intense. I try not to go off on huge tangents and get derailed stressing the stuff that may cause a panic or anxiety reaction but is still just the small stuff I can't control.
  I take yoga every Monday now. As the weeks have gone on I notice that after every class there is just this general confidence in yourself and the world that gets created. Like a secure and solid seat forms somewhere between your heart and your stomach and you can rest there comfortably. No matter what maybe flying over head and into your arena. Perhaps the more we strive for peace we get faced with these divergent energies. Perhaps they are sent our way to test our mettle or to strengthen those emotional muscles that tend to turn downward. Instead of all the fretting and fighting we'd normally do, we can kind of find that seat and operate from there.
  Fun little fact: Monday basically translates to "Moon Day". I'm a big believer in symbology and making certain things significant. I chose Mondays for serenity days because of my affinity to the moon. Besides being a Moon in Cancer(if you aren't an astrology follower feel free to roll your eyes, I know it's not for everyone), I am definitely a lunar sensitive. So the tides and phases effect me directly and kind of shift me sharply. Perhaps that's what I am to focus on. That when all these life tides keep shifting highly over my head, are crashing sharply into my heart, or knocking me sideways I know I am still intact. I'm still mobile and able to push myself up. Maybe that's what we call "progress" and if it is maybe it's more significant than I give it credit for.

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